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Brenda Knight
Motivational Speaker
National Leader In Education

Brenda Knight is a national leader in education.  She is a two term former Trustee of the Peralta Community College District Board of Trustees.  Statewide, Ms. Knight is a former board member of the California Community College Trustees (CCCT), and nationally, a former two-term board member of the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT). In 2002, Ms. Knight made history by becoming the First African American woman to be elected as Chairman of the Board for the Association of Community Colleges Trustees.  During that time, ACCT had a membership of more than 6,500 trustees and serving 11 million students.  

In 1996, Ms. Knight organized Ladies In Red, a women empowerment group that provides motivation, education, and inspiration for women to embrace, endure and enjoy life. The group started with not more than 30 women, a small sister friend gathering.  Over the years, the original 30 invited their friends and family.  Ten years later, there are more than 300 women attending the annual Ladies In Red luncheon held each year on the first Saturday in February. In 2005, Ladies In Red went on tour.  You can now attend Ladies In Red in the Bay Area, American Canyon, Sacramento, Modesto, Stockton, Fresno, Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas. And if you want to travel with a group of positive thinking women you can join them for cruises and other travel yearly.

Ms. Knight has achieved many accomplishments over the years, so much so that she is considered a shero within various communities. Ms. Knight remains rooted in who she is.  Her faith is unwavering, her perseverance is unshakeable, and she never gives up, for she truly believes “when you dream…you get motivated….when you’re motivated…you get determined…when you’re determined…you don’t quit.”  The name of her production company that manages “Ladies in Red” is JAM Productions (Jesus and Me).  By holding on to her faith and her dreams Ms. Knight continues to expand Ladies In Red, to reach more women in search of their passion career and joy.

Ms. Knight has been interviewed on many televised programs and featured in many publications including Black Issues in Higher Education and Black Enterprise.  She has had featured articles in the Sacramento Bee, Vallejo Times Herald, and American Canyon Eagle newspapers.  Ms. Knight has had two special invitations to the White House and numerous recognitions, awards and resolutions of honor from the city, county, and state governments, including designation as Oakland’s 1995 Woman of the Year.

Through her passion, lives have been touched, and lives have been changed. Ms. Knight has a unique style of wit, humor and just keeping it real.  If you listen closely, you may find one of your life’s chapters in her message.

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